Sunday, October 31, 2010

CHD Memorie

-- written a few months ago--

I tend to supress memories. Well I think I try to without really wanting to or knowing I am doing it. I guess there are just some memories I dont want to remember.

A memorie came back today.

I was in highschool. I had gym at the end of day, last class. I didn't want to be all sweaty all day. One day, near the end of the school year. It was really hot outside. I was sitting on the bleachers in the gym. The teacher was rounding up everyone to go outside. I wasn't going to go. It was to hot for me. I was already feeling a little sick cause of the heat and my heart. So I wanted tostay inside work on homework. I knew I would still be hot but it would be better then being outside.

I don't know why, the principal came into the gym. My teacher was fine with me staying in. In classes before we actually talked about my diagnosis. She googled it to learn more. She was very good with me. Whenever I needed to sit out or anything, she was awesome. But when the principal came in he saw me sitting on the bleachers. I was waiting for them to leave and then I was gona go to the library to study. But he saw me sitting there and got pissed.

He asked me what was happening. Why wasn't I with my class. I told him I wasn't going outside. It was too hot. He told me no "YOU HAVE TO BE WITH YOUR CLASS!" I told him "NO" so he told me, if you arn't going to go out with your class you need to get out of my school.

I was kicked out of school. For staying inside because of my heart. I pretty much ran to my locker trying no to cry. Once I got out of the school I just couldn't stop the tears. I cried. I drove to my moms work, bawling. I told her what happen. Boy did she call the school and yell at them.

I never got an apology. I don't know what I reacted the way I did. I hated school and would have loved to leave early, wither permission. But it hurt. It hurt so bad to get in trouble because of my heart.

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