Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Being different is okay.

Last night I had an experience that changed my thoughts about my heart.
A very Powerful moment.

I use to think, I was different. Not normal.
My heart is half and very mended.
Its not what people are use to.

Last night, while cuddling, I could feel a heart beat. At first I thought it was mine. But when he hugged me a little closer I realized it was his.

So strong. So Rythmic. So perfect. So beautiful.

Thats when I thought of my heart.
Not so strong, random, mended.
Not perfect, not normal.

But it made me realize, thats okay.
Sure my heart isn't whole. It isn't perfect.
But it doesn't matter.

I love, just like anyone else.
Thats all that matters.

I may only have half a heart, But I love with a whole one.

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