Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Government is slow : My amazing day

As most know today I had my littlest heroes shoot! For those who don't know what the littlest heroes is go here.

My photographer was lovely and she brought her niece. They Did a great job relaxing me and my mom also came and helped me relax and got me to laugh.
I can't wait to see my photos and share them with all my amazing heart friends.
Sometime around October 26.

But just before my photographer showed up today I got this call. That's really what this post is about.

A little over a year ago I found out I would need my second open heart surgery. Sixth heart surgery all together. That's when I began trying to get medicaid. Which they told me, and here is an exact quote "Idaho medicaid has nothing to do with you health." Meaning they drop you at 19 and they don't care how sick you are. They don't care if you're facing a life and death situation. You can't get back on it unless you are pregnant.

That's when I began the very long process of filing for SSI disability.

But I also decided to write to a bunch of people. Bring their attention to this. This wasn't right. Not even a little bit.

I wrote to the congressman, the news channels, papers, even the president.
Well today I got a call from one of the head ladies at the medicaid offices.
The letter I wrote to President Obama was forwarded to her!
She wanted to see how she could help me.
She asked if I filed for SSI. I told her how I'm waiting for a court hearing.

So that's when she told me she was going to send me a letter. With links, and other resources. Something to try and help me get the health insurance I need. She was going to look around and see what she could do to me.

The government is slow. But sometimes, if you wait, and forget (like I did) sometimes someone out there will try and help you!!!

Of course, it will take a while. But at least finally, someone is on my side. Finally someone is willing to help!

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