Friday, December 3, 2010

My pacemake saved my life

So today, our town put on a the festivle of tree's. A christmas thing we do every year. Where people can put booths up and sell home made things.
Today also gave me the chance to talk to many people I havn't seen in a while. Including the cop who responded during my accident.
Today was a good day, pain was bad, but all in all, I had fun. Saw friends I havn't seen in a while. I got hugs from so many people. People saying we've been praying so hard for you. How are you doing? You look wonderful and all that. I got to show off my scars. All in all a good day.
Near the end of the day I talked to the cop. My mom is a 911 dispatcher so I know all the cops in town. We are like one big family. The cop who showed up at my reck though is an especially close family friend. We do game nights all the time, and I babysit his kids.

So we where talking about the night. He was telling me how very gray I was. How I was shaking so hard. He told me how he went to talk to me in the ambulance to tell me my mom was on her way and they where cutting my clothes open and he got a sight he didn't need to see. He told me how I was covered in blood. He was looking at all my scars going wow! I thought it would be so much worse, there was so much blood. He told me he didn't think I would make it to the hospital.
But I learned something earlier. I shouldn't have.

My pacemaker saved my life. From all accounts I should have died. They where so sure I was going into shock. Shock can be a very deadly thing. But my pacemaker was there. It kept my heart beating. Its the reason I lived.

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