Monday, September 5, 2011

Its Back .. I need prayers.

My heart hurts..

Yesterday afternoon my heart started racing. Its done this before. Many times, but never as long as yesterday. I waited about an hour yesterday before I decided to go to the local ER. When they hooked me up to the monitor my heart rate was 153. So they called the doctor and measured my heart rate one more time. 101. When the doctor got there she listen to my heart and said my heart sounded good and I could go home. When I sat up my heart began pounding again and they measured it. 140s dropping down to 125. They still sent me home.

So I went home and off and on my heart would race. When it came time for bed I laid down and it just got worse. The racing the pain up into my jaw and the headache. Followed shortly by nauseous. I managed to sleep some. But woke up rolled over and it began racing again. So I ate and showered and it just got worse so I made the hour drive to a better hospital. When I got there my heart rate was 153-155. Every now and again it shot up into the 190s. The lowest it went was 125.

They did some tests and diagnosed me with atrial flutter. Atrial flutter is related to Atrial fibrillation. I had AFIB, they fixed it during my last open heart surgery. They told me its not good for it to come back. Its dangerous. They gave me an IV med. Eventually my heart rate dropped down to 77. Good, normal. And I felt, amazing! They did my discharge papers and gave me copies of everything to give to my cardiologist and sent me on my way.

I came home and felt good for about 2 hours. But then my heart starting acting up. Not racing, but beating harder then normal. It would beat hard and then stop, then beat hard then stop. Then I warmed up some dinner and started eating and that's when it all came back. My heart was pounding. I had a head ache and my jaw just killed.

When I was in the ER I asked them if the meds the game me was a cure. His answer, "No the only cure is for them to surgically repair the structural defect of your heart." Well they've done that. A few times and I was told I have nothing left. The only thing they can do is transplant.

I know that we where just waiting for something to go wrong. I knew transplant was coming. Is this it? Is this what we where waiting for? I'm calling my cardiologist all day tomorrow until they answer and demanding an appointment as soon as I can. Even if that means its in Salt Lake City.

Part of me just wants transplant to come. I want to get it over with. Plus I think recovery would be easier in my 20s then in my 30s and 40s. But on the other hand.. I'm only 21. This isn't fair and I'm not ready!!!!!!

I need prayers.

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  1. Jessi,

    So sorry about all of this. We are praying for you. Let us know if there is anything we can do.