Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Fathers Love

A Father's love. It comes in many shapes, sizes..what not. It always starts some how. In many different ways. It really just depends on the person.
I feel like it's time to share this story. A story that when I first heard it, it hurt me. It hurt me beyond words. Until I realized just how much love it showed.
This is the story of my dads love for me.

When I was born, everyone was beyond happy. Of course how can you not be with a new baby. Unless maybe your a druggy and this is gonna ruin your chance of getting high and what not. But that's not my family.

I was the first (and last) daughter for my mom and dad. First granddaughter on my dads side and second on my moms. Everyone was thrilled.

I'm pretty sure that's when the love started.
Right before I was about to come home though I was diagnosed with Tricuspid Atresia. My parents where told it was a miracle that I survived my birth. I was suppose to die. And would likely die soon. They did my first surgery at 2 days old but still told them I would die.

My mom told me they where able to take me home shortly after the first surgery. But she noticed my dad didn't want much to do with me. She was always the one feeding me, changing me, so on and so forth. My dad would help but just not much.

She finally got so sick of it she decided to get a part time job so he would have to take care of me. So he would finally bond with me.

When she got home that night my dad was crying. The first thing out of my dads mouth was "she cant die". He didn't want to get attached because he was scared I was going to die.

At first hearing this story made me mad, thinking he never did love me. But then I got thinking. No that's not right. This just proved that he loved me even more. He loved me so much that he was terrified.

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