Thursday, August 4, 2011

And the verdict is....

You know, I sat, (okay maybe not sat, I did get up and start laundry) for about twenty minutes thinking how to start this post. I'm Still not sure how to really start, or well continue it. So here goes.
Salt Lake City is the most confusing city in the world! Yes that's right. I was in Salt Lake, and I got lost, a total of 3 times! But again, yes that's right. My disability hearing was yesterday!
And let me just start off by saying, oh my crap was I nervous! And not being able to find the building didn't help much. But eventually we got there, and thankfully pretty much on time! Thank GOD! Going through security was fun. I swear people are stupid. I gave them my pacemaker card which says I cant go through the metal detector. Then trying to tell them I CANT have the dang wand either because it will mess with my pacemaker. The looks I got where incredible! But okay, whatever, thankfully no one messed up my pacemaker!
I always assumed I would take the longest getting through security, but I didn't. Nope, my moms purse had to be searched, that was fun!
We finally got up to the waiting area and only had to spend about 2 minutes waiting to meet with my lawyer. The first thing he said when we went into a private room to prep before the hearing was "Good NEWS! Well the judge reviewed your case and already decided that he's giving it to you. So we don't need to go through with the hearing!"
Oh God! My mom and I sat in silence for a moment and just stared at him while it sank in! I WON! I WON! But then lawyer goes on "but he would like to do the hearing anyways, I have a trainee here and he wants her to do it for practice. But don't worry about it, he's already giving it to you."
Fine by me I WON! I WON! I WON! I'm going to get disability! So we did our mock hearing and I was able to leave 20 minutes after my hearing time! Amazing! I shed a few tears of joy. This is going to help so much! But they wont back pay my medical bills. They wont be taking care of the half a million I have in open heart surgery debt. But that's okay. My bankruptcy lawyer says he can protect the back pay I will be getting. So soon, I'll be debt free. I'll have a fresh start and I'll be able to begin my life! Yes!
While I was in Salt Lake I did manage to meet up with two amazing CHD Families. I love meeting CHD families! It helps me feel not alone!

Averi is a very cute 1 1/2 year old. Her giggles will melt your heart. You would never tell by looking at her that she was born with a serious heart defect, HRHS, and at 9 weeks old transplanted!

TK is 1, almost 2 years old. He was born with HLHS and is currently on the heart transplant list at primary childrens medical center. He is such a cute little boy. I was suppose to meet him and his parents for lunch but circumstances changed. After a routine heart check up he was admitted. So we met him in the hospital. They are doing tests to make sure he doesn't have endocarditis. They where going to try his fontan in a couple weeks but this may push it back. He really needs his fontan. Please say an extra prayer for him.

So all in all, a really GREAT trip for me!
Thank you Lord!

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