Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random Thoughts - Why We Need to Live in a World With Supernatural Beings.

What would happen if I became a vampire?

I can tell you I would finally not be sick. I wouldn't hurt, I wouldn't get out of breath, my heart would heal, then stop beating all together, if you follow the twilight theory. 
If you think of the True Blood theory, I could just drink some V juice (vampire blood) and my heart would heal! And I would get a nice little high. My senses would be better too.  Like in the second episode of True Blood, I would be able to smell even the tiniest piece of moldy cheese. And brighter hair, if you follow the book.  But again my heart would be healed.

And what would happen to my pacemaker? My mom and I discussed this today while watching Breaking Dawn. We both agree that it would probably be pushed out my chest and then my chest would heal. 

What about Harry Potter?

I'm sure no one but myself has thought of this, because I cant imagine anyone being as weird as I. But, what happens if a a magical family has a kid with a CHD? Or any other illness for that matter?  Can they heal them right away? They can mend broken bones, or even grow them back with a potion. So can they heal a broken heart? 

 I'm sure they probably could. 

If you turned into a vampire, you would have to give up certain things. Sleep, eating food. You'd have to get use to hunting and drinking blood. Again that is if it was the twilight version. True Blood would be nicer. 

And what about being a witch/wizard like in Harry Potter? How cool would that be? Being able to do magic? Being able to heal right away? AWESOME! 

 LOL- Anyways this is just my random thoughts for today that came to my mind while watching Breaking Dawn. 

I know it will never happen, but I still think it would be cool to live in a world with supernatural beings.

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