Monday, July 9, 2012

The best way to celebrate

I wasn't sure how I wanted to celebrate today, or if I even wanted to celebrate it at all.
Do you really want to celebrate the milestone of the day you where told you where going to die? Yes, I made it to the half way mark. Past the halfway mark actually. Three years ago I was in such bad shape we didn't know if I would even make it three days let alone three years. 

To be honest, the only way I wanted to "celebrate" this day is to go back to the doctors and say to them:
"HA! Look at me now! You gave up on me, but others did not!"

But I know that really isn't the right thing to do, but still at times, I just wish I could go throw it in their faces.

But anyways I woke up this morning deciding not to celebrate, it was just going to be another day. I just decided on saving the celebration for the 3 year surgery anniversary. 

But I think God decided otherwise.

Even though it was a bad pain day, and I had to start my art reading for school, it really was a good day. 

I woke and shortly after I got my first "gift"
A little girls smile.
Let me introduce you to Mady. 

Mady is a 2 year old, who will be turning 3 in the beginning of August! Mady has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, she only had a 25% chance of surviving  at birth. Mady pulled through and is beating the odds one heart beat at a time. Mady's mom created a facebook event asking for birthday cards for Mady. I decided she needed a little gift also, and after talking to her mom, I found out she loves to color, but didn't have any coloring books. So I went to the dollar store and got her 3 coloring books and a card. Her gift arrived today. Yes, its early, but I'm very forgetful  so I did it early so I wouldn't forget, which I knew I would.  

Anyway, her mom took pictures  and posted them on facebook for everyone to see. Her smile brightened my day. How can making a little girl happy not make you happy? 

 Mady's mom asked her if she wanted to open a gift, and of course she did!
 Tearing right into it
 Her mom told me she hadn't stopped coloring since she opened it. 

My text message went off while I was looking at the pictures but I forgot about it until about half an hour later. It was my sister-in-law asking me if I could sit with the kids for a few minutes. I went right over and she was already gone and my mom was sitting with the kids. But my mom had just gotten off of work from a grave yard shift and needed to go home to rest. So I sat with the kids. 

This was my second gift. While I was sitting with the kids, and when I went over to their house later in the evening, Chase was all about the kisses.
I was there for a combined total of no longer then 20 minutes and got about 8 kisses. That he gave willingly!

 My mom asked him to hand me a $20 so I could go get lunch and he was so good at it she decided to give him a dollar for himself. He thought he was suppose to hand it to me.
Once he realized he could keep the dollar he was all over it. He wouldn't put it down even while watching Alvin or sharing a milkshake with grandma. 

Those kisses from Chase, Mady's beautiful smile, they made my day great. 
I am so greatful to have made it these three years.
I'm so greatful for day's like this.  


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