Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What kind of daughter am I????

I'll answer this question. A bad one. A very bad one!

I'm trying to find a background for a tag of my dad. And I can't remember anything he would like. I remember 2 things. Off Roading, he did alot, and he was out doorsy. But ever picture I look at I also find a question.

Did he hunt? Did he like hiking? I know he's been hiking but did he like it? I know he was been canoeing, does that mean he liked water? I know he liked trucks, but what kind? What was his favorite color? I know he liked guns, but what kind?

I didn't even remember that he hated sports until my mom told me about it a few days ago. I know he liked the song "where did all the cowboys go" by Paula Cole. But I don't know what his favorite music is. I know he liked horror movies. But what kind!? What was his favorite monster truck? What was his favorite thing to make??? What did he absolutly love doing?

Coming to the realization that I don't remember him, I think its a little hard then his actual death.

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