Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Still Recovering

My open heart surgery was 19 months ago, almost 2 years. But I'm still recovering. Not heart wise. My heart is as good as it can be. But mentally.

Before my open heart surgery, I never had sleep issues. I never had to sleep with the TV on, or with my Ipod on. I never had the nightmares about heart lung transplants, or terribly painful deaths. After OHS I dreamed the earth was crushing me. Weird, I know.

The past three days have been an experiment for me, trying to sleep with no noise. No TV or no Ipod on. Plus I've been off sleeping pills for a while now. The experiment is okay, but its hard. I can't fall asleep til at least 3 AM. The noise is hard. I don't like the silence. But I've done it. 3 nights with nothing.

But my heater has been on because I'm always freezing, so that noise has been there and I truly believe that has helped. So I'm trying, but its a slow process.

As I have said, I am still recovering. Not heart wise, but mentally.

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  1. Hey girl,
    I just started reading your blog. If you go to therapy ask your therapist about EMDR and look it up online. It's done a world of good for me.


    If your curious about it just message me on facebook. ROOKIEMEDIC965@GMAIL.COM