Monday, February 27, 2012

we meet again, coumadin.

It's been 2 years and 3 months since the last time I've been on coumadin. At least.. something along those lines, I was taken off in December of 09, 6 months after OHS.

I never liked coumadin, only for the simple fact that I hate needles and blood. That's why in September of 2011, I found out the maze procedure failed and I would need to be on blood thinners again, I got sad. Well maybe not sad, it is just a stupid pill after all. But I wasn't happy about needing it.

But then they told me about this wonder drug. A blood thinner that didn't need monthly blood checks. Pradaxa. I was quite excited. WOOHOO for no more blood draws! But once I got out of the hospital I noticed some side effects. At first it wasn't to big of a deal, but then it got worse.

Seeing Spots
Near Constent Headaches
Unecplained Joint Swelling
Extreme Exhaustion

At first I thought it might be another drug (TIKOSYN) that they started at the exact same time as the Pradaxa. But then a friend on FB, another adult CHD messaged me saying that he had these same symptoms when he was on Pradaxa and had to be taken off. So I looked into it and brought this info to my primary care doctor. We decided it would be best if I ween off the Pradaxa and back onto the rat poison (coumadin).

Yes coumadin is what rat poison is made of.

And you know what, after all the side effects of Pradaxa. I'm okay with needles now!

So heres to hoping I start to feel better! He also even put me on a new pain med cause I'm only allowed tylenol and tylenol doesn't do shit for me!

*fingers crossed*

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  1. Oh I have EVERYTHING crossed for you, geez anything to get feeling better. I hope it works