Friday, September 24, 2010


Hi all, It's me again! As you already knew. Anyways. So I thought I should clear something up here. This is about my facebook statuses.

When I complain on my facebook status, I am not looking for pity. Or help for that matter. I post my feelings becaue it's one of my only ways of getting them out. And I know if I don't get them out thats just gona hurt me more.

So when I post something like "ugh I was I had a better phone"
I am not asking for people to offer to buy me a phone. I am not asking for them to send me their old ones. All I'm saying is just that. I wish I could have a better phone. But I know at this moment in my life I wont.

I am not happy with my life at this moment. This wasn't how it was suppose to go. But it has, and I use my facebook to vent my frustration over it.

And I appreaciate everything you all do for me. All the offers to help. But thats not what I'm asking for. I just post it to get it out. To vent because I know some of you out there understand. And all I really want is prayers for a better life.

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