Thursday, April 23, 2009


ahh dont you just love when the government lies to you??
I got my applications for disability today. I was suppose to read them over and make sure they wrote everything right. And get together a little bit more info for them. They said there was a pre-paid pre-addressed envolope to send the info back in. LIARS! no such thing was with the application. and they had a couple of things in there that i never said! or agread to. This is getting so stupid..How much more do i have to do for these people. Im fighting and working my butt off to try and get this going and they are just messing it all up..


angry ramblings of
thanks for reading and thank you for all the prayers and tips i am recieving.

{me and my wonderful boyfriend Kail, one more reason i want to have my surgery so i can spend a long happy life with him!}

p.s. alot of people have suggested putting a donation button on here because they would love to help. While i think that is extremely nice of everyone who wants to help that is not the reason i made this site..not at all. I just want to get the word out on how mess up medicaid is.
and while that is not the reason i made this is coming down to may be one of my only options so im thinking about.

thank you again! told me i was getting my tests for free.. guess not just got a bill
i mean yeah they deserve there money..but if you tell me something is free i think you mean that it really is free.
if they hadnt said oh we are taking care of your bills for you it wouldnt be such a big deal. but no..they said free..ahh now i need to save more money.


  1. Wow, sorry things are getting so messed up. Make sure you make any corrections before signing anything. :)

  2. oh i going to call tomorrow.