Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Heart week is over. I have to say I'm kind of happy about that. Not that I don't like CHD awareness or anything. I love CHD awareness. Its so important! I'm just happy that I'm no longer seeing heart mom pictures as every other post on facebook.

Let me state something. I love heart moms. I will NEVER down-play their part in the CHD journey. And I am not say they don't have a hard time. I know they have an extremely hard time. I can't even imagine being them, having to watch a child go through what we go through.
I just get tired of seeing all the heart mom posts. Its ALWAYS a heart mom this, a heart mom that. Sometimes a heart dad is thrown in there. There is one person everyone forgets though, the CHDer themselves. I always see these beautiful heart mom pictures posted, I want one for CHDers also! There are poems about heart moms, I don't see many about CHDers though. I was looking at shirts, and I found all these super cute heart mom shirts, yet the CHDer ones are either for babies, or ugly. It just gets frustrating that we are over looked!!!

We the CHDers, we have the toughest part. We are the ones who are sick. We get out chests cracked open. We have to take our shirts off and get echos, which can be very uncomfortable at times. We have to get the EKGs, we give gallons of blood one vile at a time. We are the ones who can't always do everything we want. 

We are the ones covered in scars.
 Reminders of some of the hardest things we've had to go through.

Like I said. I know heart moms, and dads, have a hard journey too. But SO DO WE!

I'm just so tired of being overlooked.

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