Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Update (Yeah I couldn't think of a cool title)

So I thought it time to do a little update.

The coumadin is going well, trying to get my INR in check
because its a little high, but other then that is good. I've stopped seeing
spots. I still get really light headed, but hey, thats okay! There is no spots
and I don't feel like I'm going to pass out! That's what really

I finally got my primary care doctor to refer me to a pulmonary
doctor! Today was my appointment, and I got unbeliavably lost! I made at least 5
wrong turns and was over half an hour late. But they still got me in and did all
the tests. And then the doctor came and talked to me for about an hour. He took
my history and asked a lot of questions.We went over the tests. Normal range
for lungs is 80-120 percent. All three of my tests came back to 68 percent.
Overall my lungs are functioning good, 105% of what they should be. But the
individual tests is where things go wrong. The tests do prove I have mild lung
restrictions. It is not possible for me to get a full lung of air. Its not
possible for me to take good deep breaths.
So he put me on inhalers

The lung tests show us why I can no longer walk more then half a mile. Or down a walmart isle with my nephew. He said its because of my surgeries. Hopefully the inhalers help me be able to excerise more. He even has hope that they will help my constant cough I've had my entire life. He isn't sure about the asthma, but if they inhalers dont help I go back for more testing.

Recently I've just been craving soft serve frozen yogurt. So I hit Kiwi Loco on the way home!

Heaven in a cup!
There is even more exciting news in my life right now. Wednesday 3/21/12 at 4:10pm my niece Alyssa Faye was born!

Beautiful girl terrified us not even 5 minutes after birth. She was only sating in the low 80s. Then she began crying and they dropped to 61. They whiskered her away to the nursery really fast. I was terrified praying it wasn't her heart. Luckily it wasn't. The doctor came back in a few minutes later and told us she inhaled a muscus plug. They suctioned her and she was sating 100 on room air! Thank you Lord!

Auntie Jess's first time holding her little lady love.

6lbs 13oz of love

auntie and her babies!

Little Lady Love all snuggled in aunties arms.
Life is Good!

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