Thursday, January 12, 2012

Me a transformer? No thank you.

I've had a bunch of weird nightmares since my last open heart surgery. Nightmares about heart lung transplants. Nightmares about the earth slowly crushing me. Nightmares about an old lady hiding snakes in her tree. Random dreams. Just something to scare me enough to wake me up.

Recenetly these nightmares have a reoccuring theme. Never the same dream, but always the same theme. Being wide awake during a procedure. Wide awake during a heart biopsy where I felt them tearing a part of my heart out (which was very painful btw). Wide a wake during a cath where I could feel them cutting and inserting the tube thing they use. (again very painful)

Well this last dream had the same theme, to a point.

It started as something completely different. Something so weird I knew it could never happen. But suddenly turned into an operating room nightmare. There was an old lady in the OR who was having some sort of foot surgery but for some odd reason she couldn't be put fully out. So she was just very stoned. I appearntly was donating an artery from my foot to her's. (or something along those lines, I'm not exactly sure).

I told them I wanted to be put fully out, but they came back with "she cant be, why should you be?" So I went on to tell them, I've had open heart surgery, and had nightmares about being wide awake during procedures, you will put me to sleep. They didn't buy it. I even got my mom to come in and explain to them. They said okay, shooed her out of the room then tied me to the table. My mom came in, untied me and I ran. This is where the fun part begins.

Appearntly the OR was in a walmart, because I was all of a sudden running down the isles of walmart. Every one there who had any sort of medical implant like fake knees, hips and whatever else you can have fake, and even the people on crutches, where turning into transformers. And these transformers where evil, chasing after me wanting to take me back to the OR. I swear this was a disabled peoples walmart because everyone was a transformer. And I was running down an isle when it hit me. My pacemake is going to turn me into one of these things any minute now.

As I continued running I just knew it was a matter of minutes. But I finally made it to the exit and that's when I realized I was dreaming and I managed to chant "wake up wake up wake up" enought to wake myself.

This has got to be one of the weirdest heart related nightmare I've had.

I really don't ever want to be a transformer

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